Children in the Church

Adults sometimes wonder why we bring small children into the church.  Having them there is rather like having them eat at the supper table even though their manners are not elegant.  They wiggle, poke and move around simply because they are children; they also sing and pray and give with us. Many parents don’t come to church because they fear their children would disrupt others, this is tragic.

We do not want our children to be disruptive or hamper the church’s worship; but on the other hand we must remember that the children are members of the body of Christ.  They must participate in their own way, for they cannot participate as adults.  They are growing in understanding and learning to take their place in the church family.

Human beings both large and small attain understanding only after they have experiences to interpret.  We as adults can accept and perhaps even value the children’s restlessness during worship.

They may be restless but they are learning:

  •  That it is important to come to this place on Sunday

  •  That church is where we learn about God

  •  That in Jesus we learn of God’s great love for us.

  •  That we respond with song and prayer and offering.


*  We do offer nursery and childrens church during the sermon portion of our worship time so that the children may learn about God on their own level.